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Kendall is about 10 miles southwest of Miami along U.S. Route 1, near the edge of the Florida Everglades. It is arguably the largest single subtropical eco-system in the United States. At Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc. in Kendall, Florida we are acutely aware of the impact a sewage leak can have on this wonderful environment. We use only the most environmentally safe new septic tank systems for our installations. Our family owned, supervised and operated business employs only the best and most skillful personnel.

It is common knowledge that waste water disposal, if done improperly, can pose a threat to the environment as well as public health. In order to protect people and the environment, waste water must be disposed of in a manner that stops waterborne diseases and prevents contamination of surface and underground water as well. The new septic tank systems are an effective mechanism for collecting and treating sewage and disposing of the gray water remnant into the ground as a safe nutrient source. It is an efficient on-site sewage management system designed to safely treat and dispose of all the waste water discharge from your Kendall home or business.

There should be no mystery on how Kendall, Florida septics work, so let us take a brief overview:

Wastewater from your home is collected in a water-tight vessel, called a septic tank. Bacterial action breaks down much of the solid waste, separating it into three parts: oils and grease (scum) which floats, undigested sludge, which sinks and a layer of dischargeable gray water, in between. The septic tank contains baffles that prevent any scum that floats to the surface or sludge that settles to the bottom from leaving the tank. Gases that are a product of bacterial action are safely vented to the atmosphere. When the gray water reaches the outlet level (at the opposite end from the inlet) it is gently displaced and pushed out of the septic tank through the outlet into a small distribution box. From this box it is then metered out to several perforated pipes in the pipefield or drainfield. At this point, soil bacteria break down the nutrient rich gray water, which is then taken up by the roots of plants. The whole process goes on for years, without any daily effort on your part. Pumping out solids must be done infrequently and every few years a good cleaning will start your Kendall, Florida septics system running like some brand new septic tank systems do.

At Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc. we care very much for Nature and we know that our septic systems are the best and most environmentally friendly available anywhere. Our licensed & insured Kendall, Florida septic experts and Miami-Dade septic contractors have helped us become one of the area’s top Angie’s list award winners. Contact us or call 786-718-6460 if you have any questions and remember – we make our emergency services available 24/7.!