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The Village of Palmetto Bay is a vibrant community located immediately west of beautiful Biscayne Bay. The population stays pretty stable at 25,000 residents, many of whom are here to raise families. Palmetto Bay offers not only bay access but excellent public and private schools, all of them being grade “A” institutions. Village residents also enjoy the benefits of an extensive six park system offering opportunities for active or passive enjoyment. Since Palmetto Bay’s incorporation, over 10 years ago, Jason’s Septic Inc. has been serving palmetto bay homeowners and businesses 24/7. After all, what else would you expect from a respected member of the community?

Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc is a Palmetto Bay, Florida septic tank installer and septic maintenance award winner contractor. It really doesn’t matter what sewer or septic problems you have – Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc licensed and insured drainfield specialists and septic maintenance experts can do it all! Our Palmetto Bay, Florida septic tank installers replace antiquated cesspools and cesspits and septic systems that are just too small, damaged or poorly designed. Clogged drainfields or those damaged by roots are another common problem that we deal with often.

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a water tight box made of concrete, fiberglass or plastic. The main purpose of the septic tank is to separate the effluent into solids and liquids and to promote the partial breakdown of the solid waste by microorganisms, which are already present in the wastewater. Wastewater from your home or business enters the tank through an inlet. Septic tanks provide a minimum of 24 hours retention time for the wastewater. They all have ground-level access covers to facilitate septic maintenance. Palmetto Bay, Florida septic tank installers need easy access for infrequent maintenance. In the tank, solids settle to the bottom forming a layer of sludge, where some bacterial digestion continues to take place. The waste that is lighter than water, such as grease, oils and fats float to the top forming a layer called scum. A middle layer of partially clarified “gray water” develops between the sludge and scum layers.

This gray water passes out of the tank to the absorption field though an outlet. The sludge and scum remain in the tank and should be pumped out periodically. Inlet and outlet devices can be either baffles or tees (or a combination), with the outlet device approximately three to five inches lower than the inlet. A septic tank is never smaller than 1000 gallons, but may be larger depending on the number of people, who use it. Our Palmetto Bay, Florida septic tank installers will tell you that homes with garbage disposals are required to install septic tanks that are 50% larger.

The Pipefield

The pipefield (also known as the drainfield or leachfield) is the next treatment step in your onsite wastewater management system. It is designed to receive clarified sewage from the septic tank and discharge it underground into the soil. A conventional pipefield is typically a gravel filled trench with a perforated pipe running inside its length. The effluent is slowly discharged through the perforated pipes, exiting through the holes in the pipes, and allowed to percolate through the rock or gravel layer, where it is stored until absorbed by the soil. This pipefield, which is located in the unsaturated layer of the soil, treats the wastewater through physical, chemical, and biological processes.

The soil also acts as a natural filter that gets rid of the harmful bacteria, viruses, and excessive nutrients, treating the wastewater as it passes through the unsaturated zone, before it reaches the groundwater. If a pipefield is allowed to get clogged some businesses may require parking lot and sewage back and clean up. Don’t let that happen to you. One of Jason’s Palmetto Bay, Florida septic tank installers will tell you the proposed septic maintenance intervals and about any other minor issues.

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