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At Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc. we are proud to offer our full range of services to the residents of South Miami. We are a family owned business that is fully licensed and insured and are ready for your septic problems.

With our 24/7 septic pump outs you can rest assured knowing that we will be able to help you in even the most stressful of situations. We are by far the most trusted septic contractor in South Miami, not to mention the most experience as well!

The full service septic services which we offer to South Miami are some of the best in the business. Our wide variety of services allows customers to feel confident that we can handle any septic issue. One of our specialties here is our septic tank repairs. If you notice that your tank has stopped working properly, we will take a look at it and have it fixed in a timely manner.

Another one of our great services that is offered is our septic cleaning service. Your septic tank needs to stay clean; otherwise you may have a buildup which could lead to severe damages.

Even if you are building a new property and need a full septic system, we are happy to do your installations. South Miami has many specific codes in place that require the help of professionals like us to install them properly. If not installed properly, you could be looking at fines from the city or even problems with your septic system.