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Just about 20 miles southwest of downtown Miami, is an agricultural community called Redland, because of the red clay soil, found there. This is not to be confused with Redland, which is a town in California.

One of Florida’s oldest agricultural communities, Redland is home to orchards, horse farms, u-pick’em fruit and vegetable fields plus much more. You will find families, still living in the original clapboard homes of early Redland settlers. The most common waste disposal system is by septic tank and drainfield. That is where we come in. Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc, Florida septic system experts for all residential and commercial systems.

Our Redland, Florida septic repair business has been growing by leaps and bounds. We handle every aspect of septic system repair from pump-outs and cleaning through the design, relocation and replacement of the septic tank and drainfield. This is not what plumbers do. We specialize only in septic and sewer systems. We also put in place horse hair interceptors that keep horse hairs from finding their way into the septic or sewer system, during stall hose-downs and other barn and stable maintenance.

Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc, Florida septic repair experts explain that hair of any type becomes an incorruptible plug, which can cause back-ups in any drainage, septic and sewer system. Not allowing it to enter the system is the best preventive care. Redland, Florida septic system experts universally agree that clay soil is a challenge to absorption, but our professional teams are able to design a tank and drainfield system to beat any soil type. Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc, Florida septic repair and septic system experts give 24/7 service on any septic system, large or small, residential, agricultural or commercial.

Redland has been a special place for leading agriculturalists, botanists, and naturalists from around the world, even John James Audubon visited the area, which has been designated a wild bird sanctuary. Wild Peacocks live here and move freely through the many of the groves. Area houses must be built on a minimum of 5 acres of land, in an effort to thwart overdevelopment and to preserve the areas agricultural integrity.

At Alfonso Septic Contractor Inc, our Redland, Florida septic system experts advise our clients to follow a few simple rules designed to keep your septic system running maintenance-free for as long as possible.

  • Rule #1 is to never pour oils or grease down the drain.
  • Rule #2 is only use a high quality garbage disposal that grinds kitchen refuse to the smallest possible size; even then, use it sparingly.
  • Remember a compost heap is a better place for non-meat kitchen waste anyway.

If you find that you need a pump-out or a cleaning – call us at 786-718-6460; we love your stinking business