Alfonso Septic Solution Inc, Incorporated’s Miami grease trap service goes above and beyond standard grease trap cleaning services to handle your entire inside and outside grease traps and your removal needs. Our highly trained technicians inspect your systems, checking for all the warning signs, of a systemic breakdown, suggesting appropriate service intervals and maintenance plans that will keep your grease traps running smoothly.

No Miami businesses, restaurants, hotels, commercial cafeterias, retirement homes, school dining facilities, etc. should be shut down and/or lose customers because of a septic back up, grease traps overflowing or drain issue. Alfonso Septic Solution Inc is here to help keep your business up and running and profitable.

Our technicians will not only provide standard grease trap cleaning, but also scrape down the trap walls and inspect the condition of the trap, baffles and cover. Our technician will then review and update the paperwork, on your grease trap service and recommend the appropriate service intervals, based on the condition of those grease traps.

They will then update the service log appropriately to provide Miami Health Department inspectors with the proper documentation on your grease trap service. Proper interior grease trap cleaning is necessary to keep the rest of your indoor pipes running smoothly. Fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in your pipes causing back-ups if service is not consistent. Check with Alfonso Septic Solution Inc. or the Miami board of health for more information and avoid any violation fees or a shutdown concerning grease trap cleaning.
We’ve been providing Miami food service providers with peace of mind since 1992. Restaurant owners and managers all over Miami – Dade have come to rely on our services and our advice.

Call Alfonso Septic Solution Inc. at (786) 718-6064 today, for the best in grease trap service.